The following text was used as the basis for the teaching for Dharma Day.


When the Buddha's aunt and foster mother, Mahaprajapati Gautami, confused by the conflicting versions of his teaching given even in his own lifetime, asked him straight “What do you really teach?” the Buddha replied that she could work it out for herself:

Whatever teachings you can be sure conduce    to tranquillity and not to greed and hatred;

                                                                                             to freedom and not to enslavement;

                                                                                              to decrease in worldly ties and

                                     not to increase of them;

                                                                                              to contentment and not to covetousness;

                                                                                              to solitude and not to social distractions;

                                                                                              to energy and not to sluggishness;

                                                                                              to delight in skilful action and not to delight in

                                                                                              the unskilful;

of these teachings you can be sure that they constitute my Dharma”

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